Building Connections between our Spanish Immersion Learners at CMSW and La Academia

On Friday, December 15th, 34 6th grade Spanish Immersion learners walked over to La Academia to share narrative stories they had written in Spanish with students in grades 1-3. The 6th graders had created their very own ‘cartoneras’ (a tradition in Latin America for independent publishing) and wanted to share these with the target audience for which they were written; primary aged Spanish speakers. The stories were based on the particular learner or a made-up character. The purpose was to practice narration in the past tense. It was great opportunity to allow kids to share their books in Spanish in an authentic way to the appropriate audience. Overall, the 6th graders were super excited to see the new school and visit younger siblings and friends. In turn, the La Academia learners experienced rich conversations and stories and saw the 6th graders as role models for furthering their Spanish Language development. It was a huge success and we look forward to more exchanges. Construyendo... Continue reading Building Connections between our Spanish Immersion Learners at CMSW and La Academia

December Events

December was a busy month at La Academia and Kinder Academy. Here are just a few of the highlights! Monday, December 12th the PTO sponsored a Culver’s Night to raise money for our school. A big thank you to all the families and staff members who participated, your support is very much appreciated by all. Our first fifth grade band concert was held on December 13th. The gym was packed with friends and family who were treated to a wonderful evening of music. We would like to thank Mr. Miko and all the fifth grade musicians for a job well done. We can hardly wait to hear them again in the spring! On December 14th our Kinder Academy families enjoyed a fun evening sharing dinner with one another and building bird houses. The hallways were filled with joyful students and family members assembling and designing bird house’s that they were able to bring home! Eventos en Diciembre: Diciembre fue un mes ocupado en La Academia y Kínder Academy. ¡Aquí hay algunos de los aspectos más destacados!... Continue reading December Events

2018-19 Kindergarten Parent Preview Nights

2018-19 Kindergarten Registration If you know a family getting ready for kindergarten, registration opens Nov. 14 at Children who will be five-years-old on Sept. 1, 2018 can enroll in kindergarten with Eastern Carver County Schools. Our personalized learning provides the right fit for all kindergarteners. Parents of soon-to-be kindergarten students can attend a Parent Preview meeting at one of the locations listed below (to find your neighborhood school, visit • Tuesday, Nov. 14, 6:00 pm at Chanhassen Elementary, Clover Ridge Elementary, Carver Elementary or La Academia • Thursday, Nov. 16, 6:00 pm at Bluff Creek Elementary, East Union Elementary, Jonathan Elementary or Victoria Elementary Parent Preview Nights are informational meetings for parents/guardians. Children will be invited to a special kindergarten preview in May. Parents can attend any location – the same information will be presented at each... Continue reading 2018-19 Kindergarten Parent Preview Nights

Internet monitoring report now available to families

Internet monitoring report now available to families As part of our commitment to ensuring safe and effective use of technology, parents/guardians can now view a report of all web traffic on their student’s Chromebook. Look for an email summary report from on Wednesday nights. Or you may also logon to the Securly web portal anytime using your email address. First time users, enter your email address and click “Forgot Password?” to get an initial password. Eastern Carver County Schools monitors all internet access from any device that connects to our network at school, including personal devices. However, the district cannot and does not monitor personal devices outside of school. There is no report available for a personal device used at school. In the Securly web portal you have the option to permit/restrict Internet access when your student’s Chromebook is away from school. You have the option to block additional categories of websites along with... Continue reading Internet monitoring report now available to families

Our new-look elementary gradebooks/Parent Portal

Our new-look elementary gradebooks/Parent Portal If something looks different when you check grades in Parent Portal (aka Infinite Campus), it’s by design. As part of our focus on personalized learning, we modified Parent Portal to match a grading system that measures learning — the concepts a student knows and can apply. Too often in the past, traditional grades were goals to reach in order to stop learning. That’s not productive or a reflection of how people actually learn. Learning is a process — sometimes it comes quickly, sometimes it requires extra review and practice. And a final grade, especially at elementary, should reflect a year’s worth of learning. Here’s what’s different in Parent Portal: Subjects (math, reading, etc.) are organized by Power Standard and learning targets. Each subject has Power Standards and under each Power Standard are learning targets. Students show their teacher they have learned each target and once all targets are learned, we are... Continue reading Our new-look elementary gradebooks/Parent Portal