Two Way Dual Immersion

  • Classes are made up of ⅓ Native Spanish Speakers and ⅓ Native English Speakers and the last ⅓ any other language.
  • Classes are taught in the target language with bridging for biliteracy in each class.
  • We follow a 90/10 model of immersion with our 5th graders spending half the day speaking English and half the day speaking Spanish.
  • Our goal is for learners to become biliterate, bilingual and to perform at or above their grade-level peers on standardized assessments.
  • By high school graduation, learners may qualify to earn a Seal of Biliteracy and college credit.

The dual language program continues at CMSW under the name Estrellas Sirius and helps students become biliterate, bilingual and culturally competent.

All students from La Academia moving to Chaska Middle School West automatically enroll in Estrellas Sirius and will take:

  • Communication Arts (Spanish Immersion 1, 2, and 3) for high school elective credit each year
  • One Core Content Area: Currently in the social sciences
    • 6th: U.S. History
    • 7th: Civics
    • 8th: Global Studies


High School:

Students who attend La Academia will attend Chanhassen High School. This means that 8th grade students who attended La Academia for elementary school, and who move on to the middle school dual immersion program at Chaska Middle School West,will be automatically enrolled to Chanhassen High School. However, if your student’s home address is in the Chaska High School attendance boundary, you have the option to enroll him/her in Chaska High School rather than Chanhassen High School. In this case, parents must notify the Welcome Center at the District Education Center no later than January 15 of their student’s 8th grade year.

We are currently planning for the expansion of the dual immersion program to the high school level. There will be two immersion courses offered – one elective class and one core content class.  Information about high school course offerings for the 2020-21 school year will be shared with families prior to high school registration to ensure you have all the information needed to begin planning for your child’s high school career. If you have any questions about our immersion offerings please email Steph McNair at